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Love magic vs. magic of love

love magic_love spells Love magic vs. magic of love
Love is a miracle. That is why we often say "magic of love".  There’s also a very similar expression "love magic" which, however, has a very different meaning. Although magic love spells and love magic both involve majestic things, these can be fearful wonders because they don’t lead to love as intended. Instead of real love, "made to love magic" and associated magic love spell offer something completely different. What love magic will do to a person in real? What are the dangers of using easy love spells? It is widely advertised and offered in many places, including the Internet, so be aware of the consequences. Think wisely, is there need of using love in magic which you cannot trust?

Life stories on love magic, love spells
Once because of the young age and foolishness I made a light love spell for the married guy. Up until now I regret about it. May be it was not because of the love spell and the sad fate of that family has been predetermined already as well as mine, but I’m pressed by the idea “if it is my fault…”
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Person is looking for a love spell and magic because of the vile passions
Priest Eugene Tremaskin
Love spell is an act of violence against a person’s free will with the help of the devilish forces. A person, who ordered the love spell or love magic, aware or not, makes a sort of deal with the devil. Therefore it is not easy to leave this “contact”, the contact he or she made by own will. It is necessary to pay for everything done. The victim of the love spell gets into bondage, slavery. As “The Beatles” song, “Can't Buy Me Love”, but in this situation love is being bought...
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Love spell and love magic will kill your love
Archpriest Sergey Nikolayev
Archpriest Sergey Nikolayev Love spell and magic – it is violence. I want people to bow to me; I take an oven fork, rest it into the neck and bend down. It will not be the demonstration of respect to the person, will it? But this is not the end. When a person wants to receive love from another in a forbidden way, with the help of love magic or love spell, the person looses their own love. This is terrible!
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Love spell and love magic are signs of extreme disrespect to a person
Priest Daniel Sisoev
Priest Daniel Sisoev Alexey “run around with” one young lady, not beautiful, even ugly as he said by himself, but she had her own charm. They regularly had prodigal relations, but he was not planning to marry her, moreover he wanted to break up. “Once when I reached my house, I felt strong tension to her. On one hand I do not like her, but on the other hand I feel attraction both in soul and body”, - he said. Moreover the attraction he felt was so amotivational and unreasonable. It was obvious that it was a love spell…
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The signs of love spell are not in each break up
Psychologist Yzaslav Adlivankin
We accept the affect of the dark forces, but hardly even one priest confirms the fact of the love spell. If someone profess that it is the fact, the priest will advise you to analyze yourself, your spiritual life, your relations with husband, relations in the family from moral point of view, Christian values, do not believe in love spell, make a penitential life, to confess and commune...
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