Love magic, love spells

Person is looking for a love spell and magic because of the vile passions

– What is love spell and love magic?

– Love spell is act of violence against person’s free will with the help of the devilish forces.

God gave two great gifts to a human – the gift of mind and gift of freedom. And He never broke the freedom of our choices. The devil is tyrant.

If human lives in Orthodox Church, trust God, try to obey the Scripture, prays, confesses regularly and receives the Communion, he is protected against the effect of the love spell. But the more far the person is from God, the more power is given to devil. Love spells “connect” to the impenitent sins of a human.

– What would you like to tell to those who want to use the love spell and magic?

– For the beginning it is important to understand why person comes to the magician. Normally person asks for the love spell to please own passions. Under passions the Orthodox Church means strong desires, caused by the demons and shaped into chronic form, into habit. It means that passion is not love. The features of love are described by the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthios. One of these features is that love “does not seek for its own,” that is the loving person prefers the interest of the person he or she loves to his or her own interests. The person who asks for the love spell, is seeking mainly his own or her own. This person is under sexual attraction, connection, jealous – anything but not love.

Person, who wants to use the love magic, should understand that love is God’s work, but hatred and any disasters are devil’s work. Therefore the love spell and love magic, being the action of devil, of course, brings only devil’s features into the relations between people, such as hatred, violence and lie. So the love spell and love magic could not have the positive result in principle.

Person, ordered the love spell or love magic, aware or not, makes sort of deal with devil. Therefore it is not easy to leave this “contact”, the contact he or she made by own will. It is necessary to pay for everything done. As it is known, especially people actually making the spells or magic, come to a bad end.  

My friend lives in a house where the famous magician works. Before she had a wide range of clients and services – love spell and other… Her son smashed up being young. Her husband, being deadly sick, died without receiving any relief. Ceremonies, soothsaying and fortunetelling did not help.

People who made magic or spell do not have right to receive communion. In case of confession, they should receive the rite of connection to Orthodox Church. People who ordered love spell could return to the Church after confession.

The condition of the customer of the love spell is terrible; it is full slavery under the sin. This person is under control of demons, demons are totally pressed by the prince of devils and the prince of devils is won by Christ and is in hell. Hierarchy of the devils’ relations we could understand based on the hierarchy of the crime (the fact that it is similar is not accidental). There is the leader, his minions; there is the lower level at the level of land. This lowest level is the position of the customer of the love spell.

– What does the person, who ordered the love spell, gain; what is the attitude of the victim of the love spell to this person? How this attitude is similar with love?

– The victim of the love spell gets into bondage, slavery. As “The Beatles” song, “Can't Buy Me Love”, but in this situation love is being bought. If you want to know what is love, read of Paul the Apostle. If your attitude reminds this, it means it is love; if not – something else.

Love “suffereth long, charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not in iniquity, beareth all things, believeth all things, never faileth…” “Never faileth” means does not end. It means that the well-known, especially in the classic literature, phrase “I loved him”, “I loved her” says that there was no love. Otherwise it will not stop. It will not stop like the love of mother to her child. If love stopped, it means that it was not love; it was passion, connection, habit; but not more.

The problem is that people do not call things by their proper names. In case they call things by their proper names, lots of questions have been removed. People would not even think about the love spell.

The clear idea of “love” and “family” exists only in Orthodox Christian Church. There are no such ideas in society; there is only spectrum of private opinions about this. In addition, the expression of “civil marriage” is wide-spread, but this marriage does not have any connection with real marriage and is just prodigal cohabitation if to call things by their proper names.

The Church knows that “family” is not something vague and changing from age to age, this is “home church” – the fullness of love, unity of two people similar with unity of the Holy Trinity. Each member of the family has responsibility for each other and God. “Love” is the combination of perfections that we described earlier by the works of Paul the Apostle. Children are the expression of love…

– Can the Church teach me how to gain love from a person who is close to me?

– First of all, the Church can help you to understand if this person is for you and what is your real attitude to this person. You do not know yourself. Only person, who regularly confesses, attentive to himself, could clearly realize what he or she should approach for, whom and how to search.

Starting to live by church life, you could say like that man: “I thought that building should be contracted by one method, but when I started to investigate, I realized that it should be constructed differently. It should be stated from the foundation”, but not from the windows or the TV in the room.

The Church gives us the rules of the family house building.

Sometimes my friend, the musician says after listening to the music: “Perfect, wonderful music! But only if others did not listen to it”. Once you found the study of the Church on love and marriage, you can start to compare. But person very often does not have the comparison. The person lives in certain society, the circle of communication is 20-30 people and the person thinks that the entire world is like this and only such vision of love and marriage exists. Why does the society of drug users, alcoholics, musicians, poets exist? This is because these people think that there are only they, nobody else. Of, for example, person often goes to night disco clubs and sleeps during day time. And this person thinks that the entire world is the same: rhythmic crash, everyone is jumping, turning and is looking for short-term relations. The person does not even suspect on the existence of other things.

The most important is that person does not know who he is and what is he able for. Person thinks: “I’m good. I do not steal, do not kill, do not mug. I work”. And suddenly the person is told: “You are beast and creep”. – “How!!!” He will not believe in it from the very beginning.

People, living in Church, look at the surrounding world wider. Why? Because they are not connected to their passions. They have bad habit, but they are trying to overcome it, to be higher of it. While preparation to the confession, they compare themselves not with the people from the society, but with Christ.

The creation of the relations, the same as other work, require honest value of own abilities. For example, I’m a musician and want to play in trio. But I should understand that in this trio contrabassist will play the contrabass, violinist – the violin and drummer – drum.  In order to participate in this trio, first of all, I should be able to play one of these instruments, and second of all, to do it properly. There is the musical committee which will test me and confirm if I’m ready or not to play on such level.

Planning to get married, you should understand if you are ready to make a good march and if your chosen one is ready to do the same. Christian is the heir of a millennium Christian experience which helps him to understand all this. Besides, there is the ghostly father in the Church whom you can talk to and ask for advice.

How does unchurched person solve this problem? “Let us live together and decide if we both match and get accustomed to each other”. But such experiment is not objective, because the civil marriage is not the real marriage. Moreover, the sin of prodigal cohabitation involves other sins. And people become more far from the clear understanding of the world and themselves instead of sorting the problem out…

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Priest Eugene Tremaskin

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