Love magic, love spells

Love spell and love magic will kill your love

Love spell and magic – it is violence. I want people to bow to me; I take oven fork, rest it into neck and bend down. It will not be the demonstration of respect to the person, will it? 

But this is not the end. When person wants to received love from another by forbidden way, with the help of love magic or love spell, the person loose own love. This is terrible!

You can read in the advert: “Will return the lover” and go to the magician, soothsayer etc. You lover could return, but your heart is empty. This is how you pay for the magic services vendor. Devil will crafty promise, but later will laugh at you. You can remember “Ruslan and Ludmila” of Pushkin when young man after training with the magicians, finally, with the help of magic, receives love of his chosen one. But… She is the old woman already! It is only from a first sight looks like that all described is the imagination of the writer. It is much more reality there.  

Human soul and life are so much valuable that Christ was crucified because of it. That is why always the crime again the human soul is followed by the punishment and suffering. And suffering comes immediately, it is not needed to wait for the death, the hell will be on the earth.

Person under love spell or love magic is not happy because of the came relations and he cannot leave it, like dog in the manger. Rosen secret connection keeps people with each other. And the woman, who did it, will make her man’s file a misery by nagging, bite him and leave to rot until the end of his life. She will want to bite him all the time. Terrible thing! The person under the influence of the love spell or magic feels lack of will and the feeling he is living by other person life.

I know a man who got married with a daughter of a soothsayer. He says: “When I was staying in their house, I felt like a used sack, I moved like somnambulist. I ate, worked, when I wanted to share my opinion on this or that question, my spouse slightly flapped my shoulder meaning we know better, and I drooped immediately”. He was saved by a miracle. It looks like they did not need him so much, because during that time he was backboneless. Do they need such a person under love spell, behaving like a bio-robot?

It is not easy to get rid of it. If demon hooked a person, he will not leave is easily. It is needed to struggle for a long time, make lots of efforts by the spiritual methods – confession, communion, leading a life of piety, keeping the fast. Generally speaking the person allows demon to submit person to the sins. Person who regularly confess, communions, keeps the fast is protected.

Lots of people have one imperfection – curiosity. People often contact magicians and soothsayers because of the curiosity. But it is needed to understand that this area is very dangerous. As it is said by the Epistle of Paul the Apostle, “your enemy – devil is walking as roaring lion, looking who to gulp down”. When we plan our visit to doctor, we are checking this doctor’s references in order to be treated well and without pain. But anyways people are visiting magicians thought there are more than enough negative comments on them.

I know a girl, who went to the magician once and after that she had paroxysms of relaxation. She faints all the time. The divine service is over, it is time to close the church and she is lies. Now it is very difficult for her to get out of it, probably, the confession is not full. She visited the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery for clearance of possessed and it happened there that having the paroxysms she pulled the cast-iron grating out of the land and almost killed her mother.

Another girl visited once a magician, who as she says “opened her broadcast”. Since that time, during many years, she hears the voices. She is full disabled person. She is in the mental hospital. Out of pity, her mother takes her for couple of days to her house, but could not stand it for a long time, because her daughter does not sleep, smokes, talks to the voices she hears.

I know the case when the magician ruined all the family. Spouse was a chronic patient. Husband was high-ranking official. He found the magicians who started to treat his wife. Firstly the wife died. After this serious man, great scientist bought occult literature, connected “universal intellect” and hung himself. Their son, very nice and good person, Candidate of Mathematics, run mad and poisoned himself. Only daughter refused to contact that magician. The magician asked only her permission to “work” with her via the telephone. But she refused. She is the only one from the whole family who stayed alive.

Demons need only our permission to be involved into our lives. Once you allowed – you are in their hands…

You need to understand, that God knows better who needs whom. If this person does not love you, it means that it does not match you. You need to trust God. If you do not believe in God, trust your fortune because fortune is justice of Heaven. The goal should not be to satisfy your passion, but to get out of the passion. And after, with wise head to decide do you need this person or not.

I went to give Body and Blood of Christ to one woman who after break up became so sad that took to her bed for several months. She became thin. She does not live by full life and does not die. All this happened because she could not give up her passion. Finally she was convinced to pray God and ask God to help to get the passion out. She started to pray and calm down, became alive again.

You can pray by simple words: “God, I entrust Your good thought with our relations. If I need it, let he be my husband”. If person does not ask for any harmful, the pray will be heard for sure.

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Archpriest Sergey Nikolayev

Archpriest Sergey Nikolayev

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