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The signs of love spell are not in each break up

– At all times people used magic, including love magic. But now the special interest is noticed to it. Why so many people use the love spell and love magic?

– Because there is no spiritual education and sensible value system, which assumes respect to the freedom of another person. What is love spell? This is violence against personality. And what is scarier that this is spiritual and occult violence. So, the question arises: what forces are behind such sort of violence? Of course, it is dark forces. Here it is the simple example: modern child comes to the book store and sees the books on magic there, the child buys one of it, opens the page on “how to exterminate the neighbor” and he starts to practice. I doubt that the neighbor will be exterminated, but this child will be damaged for sure. It means that this child opens the access to the dark forces.

– Does it mean that the customer, person who ordered, will be damaged?

– Yes, exactly. According to the Orthodox Christian Church Canon, if person contacted the soothsayer, both who contacted and the soothsayer will be punished. This is because they both contact the dark forces. Based on the ancient canon, if, for example, the old woman came to make a love spell, she would be unchurched for 25 (!) years. So, the same as the killer. This is because there is contact to the dark angels. And person, who is doing it, thought he or she comes to church every day, would be unchurched as well because, first of all, he or she called the evil forces, and second of all, this is the violence against  personality. It should be considered as moral crime.  

Another issue when the love spell affects the victim… I can tell the following: there are lots of soothsayers around, and if God does not protect people, most of us will not be alive. Only the person by himself could contact demons and allow them to be involved into his life. If to talk about the same situation for the Orthodox Christian person, in this case the sacraments of the Church (confession, eucharist) are the insurmountable difficulty for demons.  

But now there is a big problem in the society. This is the intension by all means to reach the set goal. To use another person, his fortune, his life. When person meets the disaster, he or she should ask: “God, what should I do in order you to change the circumstances of my life? What should I change in myself?” But at our days, when there are magic decisions for all problems, everyone is seeking guilty persons, but does not change themselves. And as a result became to depend, are in bondage…

Often women come to our center and they say: “My husband left me, probably, he is under love spell, and he changed a lot”….  I remember myself, sinful man, being young and in love with someone, during that time my behavior changed without any love spell…

We accept the affect of the dark forces, but hardly even one priest confirms the fact of the love spell. If someone profess that it is the fact, the priest will advise you to analyze yourself, your spiritual life, your relations with husband, relations in the family from moral point of view, Christian values, do not believe in love spell, make a penitential life, to confess and commune. After this God will manage by himself. It is not in our power to change, so we ask God to help. And our goal is not to break that foundation and principles, in accordance to which we should live.

– But if wife is sure that her husband is under the love spell of the rival? What can she do in order to neutralize the magic as much as possible?

– First of all, she cannot be sure it in, it would be a big fake if true. Person does not have such features. Another issue, if she comes to the magician in order to check it. Of course, the magician will say that her husband is under the love spell.

– My grandfather for sure was under the love spell from one woman because of the apartment, this woman made intrigues for my grandmother and her family. My grandfather changed attitude even to his lovely daughters… 

– Only today one patient described me the similar story of the similar colors. I told him the following: the worse thing if I accept what you just told me. I can tell that yes, indeed, it is the love spell. What will you do? For example, today one woman came to me and said that her husband was “carried off, love spell” etc. “in case he just left, I would understand, but now he badly treats children, relatives and even dogs”. I responded: “OK, imagine if I agree with you and confirm the fact of the love spell. What will you do?”

We do not deny the existence of the love spell. But we know that the most horrible thing is when, suspecting the love spell, people start contacting “specialist”, i.e. magicians. They in their turn, of course, say: “Yes, you have a love spell. Let’s cancel it and make anti-spell”! From that moment person is in direct connection with the dark forces. This is the correct way for the madness. In addition, 100% of those who come to our Center of St. John of Kronstadt with the problem of “love spell-anti-spell” are people who visited the soothsayers or magicians and who got the “diagnosis” and found the enemy. This is the standard story; we know thousands of similar superstitions.

– But I heard that anti-spell helps…  

– Let’s check the Gospels: “How could Satan to drive Satan away?” So, there is no difference between black and white magic. If the love spell is good, does the anti-spell bad? No, it is the contact with the dark forces.

The Church has totally different mechanisms. First of all, this is the search of the reason of the certain situation in you. Woman who had husband “under love spell” should go to the church for help and ask what did she do wrongly? “May be I’m wrong in something and provoked this situation?” After this everything will change and the tendency towards changes appears. The understanding of moral, morality, changes of you arise, person starts to thoroughly think and confess: “God, forgive me! May be I’m wrong in something. God, bring him to the sense, bring to the sense of woman who did it!” After this the constructive process starts.

When the life situation is tried to be solved with the help of soothsayers and magicians, it comes very often to madness. We cans see that when healthy normal woman was told that her husband left her under the affect of the love spell and advised what to do, after she bought lots of occult literature and as a result she became mad, received spiritual damage and after – the damage for the whole family. There is the most terrible problem. That is why when we say: remove from your life this dark “backstage”, we call for reasonable spiritual life.

– In case person ordered the love spell, wants to cancel it, what could he or she do to neutralize the affect?

– We often see the situations when people, who ordered the love spell (for example, wife for her husband), meet terrible tragedies even after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. It happens not because wife wanted to be with her husband, but because she contacted the dark forces with this request. Her crime that allowed the dark forces to come to their family, it returns like a heavy boomerang.  And when we start to investigate, we find out that in the past there was such a terrible crime.

What should the customer of the love spell do? The Church has “mechanisms” to take the person out of this situation via repentance, confession, pray, special sacraments allowing to separate person and forces after the magic actions. Only Devine Providence could change the action done by the person. Anti-spell under such circumstances will not help; it could only worsen the situation.

– To your point of view, why the examples of strong, happy and successful families are so rare now, why there are more examples of divorces and break up of relations?

– This problem is connected to the general picture of spiritual impoverishment in the society. The Church blesses marriage for purpose. This blessing spreads for the all life and for the generation. In addition, the blessing of the marriage is one of the sacraments of the Church. This in the full meaning of the word raises the marriage to the Heaven.  It is known, that the Christian man gets married with another person in order to go the heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life without any compromises. This is the highest idea of the marriage and family life. Now it is undervalued and marriage is considered at the level of “civil” marriage, but what sort of marriage is it? It is only prodigal cohabitation, so the result from it is the same.

– But why even the church wedding marriages could break up?

– There are two aspects in it: first – all worlds’ dark forces are against people, who want to leave godly, but there is lack of faith and moral and people cannot stand it. But marriage and family are the school for patience and humility. It is possible to leave not your person, but how to bear your own, close and near? So this is the real school. Try to bear your own children who often humble you. This is the school of patience and humility. With the help of this the moral graces are gained by the Christian man. Once all these are undervalued and marriage became only the formality, what in this case could we expect from marriage, where there is no God? You should pray God to have children; children should not be “accidental”. If we only realize that children are the gifts from God, that they are renovation of the world and morality…. If we only understood the high standards of the marriage, the height, shown to us by the Church and the Holy Scripture, the height set by the God, the life would be different.

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Psychologist Yzaslav Adlivankin

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