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Feedback on article: Suicide мethods. Suicide without rose-colored spectacles . Автор: Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist, Peter Rozymni, expert in forensic medicine

DEBRA , age: 55 / 26.01.2012

Feedback on article: Once in true love we cannot stop loving. Автор: Priest Andrew Lorgus
Incredible read. Thank you.

Duncan wilson , age: 28 / 17.01.2012

Feedback on article: It was spring. Автор: Marisha, 24 years old
You have developed great insight at a very young age, and would not have done so without the pain you endured. May you grow
in wisdom and peace.

Roxy , age: 42 / 28.11.2011

Feedback on article: The feeling that is not endless doesn’t have the right to be called ‘love’. Автор: Priest Ilia Shugaev
Great Article. Very good analysis. I hope it will help me :)

M. , age: 36 / 24.09.2011

Feedback on article: In order to return lost love one should overcome egoism. Автор: Psychologist Irina Moshkova
very true words doctor. I have this kind of situation with my wife and I have to combat the bad situation with
gracious love and understanding even is she is furiously fighting me.


Mady , age: 36 / 22.09.2011

Feedback on article: It is necessary to understand and accept yourself. Автор: Psychologist Irene Karpenko

Jan sim , age: 40 / 17.09.2011

Feedback on article: Love is always about giving without regard to your own losses. Автор: Holly D'Andrea, attorney
Beautiful Holly, Thanks!

Charlie , age: 35 / 21.08.2011

Feedback on article: Let’s defeat the lack of love with love. Автор: Archpriest Igor Gagarin
I love someone who is with another person. I don't fight or get involved in anyway. But on somedays, she
will txt me or I do and we keep in touch every now and then. We talked to one another as if were best
friends. I know deep in my heart I will always love her but I have to let life take its coarse. I only
wish her the best and I pray that she is happy. Your words fill me with no worries. I know if I keep
bettering myself and working on haveing peace with God. I know in someway, she will be involved in my
life. If not, I don't worry. Thank you

Zach , age: 19 / 08.08.2011

Feedback on article: About Love Addiction. The 4 Practical Steps to Overcome Love Addiction. Автор: Michael Hasminsky, crisis psychology
Beautiful.... Thanks for this wonderful article; this will definitely help me to become mature and to access my
relationship without the cloud of love addiction. Never read a more thought-provoking article in my life...

Nauman Qaiser , age: 31 / 30.07.2011

Feedback on article: Who dictates us obsession thoughts?. Автор: Michael Khasminski, crisis physiologist
Hello! Sir I'm Ashraf,i like ur ideas on the article .i have a girlfriend whom i loved too much.
Nowadays, i am experiencing a strange behavior in her, she is not responsing quite well. Then, recently
she asked for breakup. Now, I am not feeling comfortable . Can you suggest remedy regarding this

Mohmad Ashraf , age: 22 / 09.06.2011

Feedback on article: About Love Addiction. The 4 Practical Steps to Overcome Love Addiction.
Must Read...!

Ak , age: 20 / 09.06.2011

Feedback on article: Love is always about giving without regard to your own losses.
Thank you so much. I'm went through a separation and it hurt a lot, reading this made me stronger. I went through the several stages common with these types of situations. Finally, I arrived at letting go and moving on. One of us had to make the decision. She kept giving hope then taking it back like a mind game. I had it with her and made my decision. I know that someday love will flourish again. Thank you again!

Simon , age: 37 / 09.06.2011

Feedback on article: About Love Addiction. The 4 Practical Steps to Overcome Love Addiction. Автор: Michael Hasminsky, crisis psychology
Truly the most enlightening and truthful article I have read on the topic so far. I agree with his Christian point of view but find the concept of having faith in God is relevant and more acceptable to most people if the terminology "higher power" is used instead of "God".

But thank you, very insightful. The description of symptom and causes are very accurately documented (in my experience as a recovering love addict anyway).

Karen , age: 44 / 28.05.2011

Feedback on article: Suicide methods: or How to come off. Автор: Peter Rozumni, expert in forensic medicine
Thank you very much for this information. My close relative expired lately. And the people at
the rescue presented it as suicide. I just wanted to know the condition of the dead body after
Once lost, I can never get him back, only thing is I can make out the reasons why did it happen.
Thank you so very much once again.

Ritika , age: 22 / 28.05.2011

Feedback on article: About Love Addiction. The 4 Practical Steps to Overcome Love Addiction. Автор: Michael Hasminsky, crisis psychology
Great-great article in many ways! Very helpful. The only difficulty on my part would be
combining faith in God with a need to listen to my logic, instead of my heart (ref: the
text). Although I understand it should not be necessary a contradiction, but, aren't many books
teach us that "by listening to our heart we listen to our God-feeling"? Which is often not
logical but true... Also, to me would still be not logical to believe in something I can't
see... Isn't then a delusion too and escaping the reality just to comfort ourselves? Thank you.

Lara , age: 35 / 17.05.2011

Feedback on article: We could not activate love by our own efforts. Автор: Archpriest Igor Gagarin
Dear Archpriest Igor Gagarin,

I would like that you may help me with your letters and readings to convert myself to your beloved russian orthodox
christian faith. I have always been roman catholic and I have realized that your beloved russian orthodox christian
faith is like the faith of the first christians and you keep such beautiful ancient traditions and you have such
beautiful icons, and actually we have almost the same holy Bible. I would like to marry any russian / ukraine /
belaruse lovely young woman (I am right now searching for her on the wonderful dating websites on the internet) and
I would like to have the same christian faith as her because that would help us so much for our everlasting love
and also for beautiful shared life project and very especially if we may have our own children. Would you like to
help me to convert myself to your beloved russian orthodox christian faith? Greetings from far away Argentina and
may our almighty God bless you and each and everyone of your loved ones!

Yours faithfully,

Alberto Kölliker Frers

Alberto Kölliker Frers , age: 56 / 22.04.2011

Wait and your time will come.
i like this page.this page is given me a some hope live otherwise my position is like a mad

Nirmal Chakraborty , age: 23 / 14.03.2011

Feedback on article: Once in true love, we won’t be able to stop loving.
Thank you so much for writing this. This article has given me a better understanding of why I'm in the situation I'm in.

Rocio , age: 27 / 11.03.2011

Feedback on article: Wait and your time will come.
thank you for writing this. it gives understanding for me, this difficult time.

rob , age: 41 / 15.02.2011

Feedback on article: Suicide thought comes from angels of darkness.
this is good

ISHAYA , age: 27 / 22.01.2011

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