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Feedback on article: Suicide мethods. Suicide without rose-colored spectacles .
Well well well, I wish I read this many years ago and wouldn't end up in a hospital and been asked over and over and over and denied that I wanted to end my life. I'm a very sensitive creature and your way of putting it together honestly did the trick----I'm disgusted and want to live now hahaahahahahahahahha its like choosing what is more disgusting your article or the life around me. No one has ever convinced me in such way. Bravo doc :) You are a true doctor.

Dorota Laskowska , age: 31 / 18.10.2010

Feedback on article: I found my destiny only after 10 years. Author: Natasha P., 32 years old
Hi Natasha... your story is really an inspiring one =) I've just broken up from my boyfriend & actually, i've been through a series of break-ups & im sick & tired of that kind of feeling. I was searching for sites & articles that i can relate to & your story is a perfect one =) I am almost at the losing hope & your story really inspired me that someday, i will meet the man that God will give me...

Gjie , age: 28 / 06.09.2010

Feedback on article: While we wait he definitely won’t be back. Аuthor: Hegumenos Evmeni (Peristi)
I've read the article about love waiting-won't be back... I just wanted to explain my case! I was in love with one sweet girl, i loved her and i still do and she loved me too, but since her parents knew about us and they were against our relationship without no reason but as some parents are cold in mind they broke up us so since then she stopped everything, she doesn't want to hear about me at all, she only called me that day, and she said my parents found something better for me, to tell the truth i was out of control because i didn't expacted from her this, even though i know she was pushed by her family:-(, then i just said to her give me your parents in phone and i said to her mom ~i love her, and nobody can break up me from her, if it's in need i'll kill for her~ then she stopped the phone, after this everything is over, my girl doesn't want to hear about me, she hates me...:-(, phones, emails and all are closed, she left me. In really i'm not waiting or hoping my love to be back, but i started to win another love but i couldn't feel anything with those girls i went out, i feel myself bad, no love... what's your opinion??? i let her free, to go in her way as you have written, but i don't feel well... i'm not hopping that love will be back, even though everything could be! can you advice me what to do???

Albert , age: 25 / 21.04.2010

Feedback on article: Gift of unrequited love. Author: Brother, 39 years old
I just experienced a break up and I am devastated. I pastor a small church and was living in sin and got out of control because I allowed this relationship to come before everything including God. Yes I still want the relationship but I want it in proper perspective with God first. My fiance on the other hand isn't so sure she wants to or will ever want to reconcile. I'm hurting and afraid and can't seem to grasp even the advice that I would give someone else. I have allowed Nicole to become my life. How do I fix this. I work well over 16 hours a day outside the church. Then I have the church. But my mind is still on her.

Linwood Beal , age: 35 / 04.01.2010

Feedback on article: While we wait he definitely won’t be back. Author: Hegumenos Evmeni (Peristi)
actually my husband & i we're are in stage of breaking up it is me that keep's
holding on and still hoping he will love me back again..we've been through a lot of
big fights, shouting and totally no more respect to each other..but You know after
I read your article it really enlightened me, I must accept and face the reality
that he won't come back to me anymore... I must let him go.. that's the best way
for the both of us... besides I have my baby with me, family, friends and the Lord
that who will truly love me back...
thanks a lot!

I hope I can receive more articles from you..

Lara , age: 27 / 06.10.2009

Feedback on article: Love with fists. Author: Katya, 22 years old
its not right for that jerk to use his fist on you...there is a much better guy out
there who deserves you better and will treat you just pray for it and God
will help you with your problems....God Bless

christine , age: 24 / 29.09.2009

Feedback on article: Wait and your time will come. Author: Hegumenos Eumeny (Peristy)
Awesome website. Thank you. YOur articles are timely and much
needed. God bless you!

Anne Lilleberg , age: 52 / 21.09.2009

Feedback on article: About Love Addiction. The 4 Practical Steps to Overcome Love Addiction. Author: Michael Hasminsky, crisis psychology
Awesome, very good article by the crisis psychologist. I like
that. He shows us that God is the one who offers unconditional,
unchanging, eternal love.
The stuff about mature and infantile love is helpful also. And
how our fears feed our fanstasies. Thanks!!

Anne L. , age: 52 / 21.09.2009

Feedback on article: Low self esteem leads to pathological dependence on other people. Author: Psychologist Irene Rakhimova
i have lowselfesteem i feel ugly i had and operation on my nose years ago at 21 , i
am now 39 .i feel the operation on my nose has changed me and i do,nt feel good about
my self because of it .i have a brother whos fiance once mdelled in milan with kate
moss !i feel like comitting suiside , i have no confidence what so ever !

jason bridge , age: 39 / 20.08.2009

Feedback on article: Once in true love, we won’t be able to stop loving. Author: Priest Andrew Lorgus
Two people met each other when they were sixteen, fell in love and thought there love was eternal. Time started passing they stared living with each other everything was perfect, then after 10 years, girl demanded to get married, boy hesitated but agreed and went to their own country to get married and there boy said that he can’t get married because his god says that he will die after marrying the girl.
Is this life……..? Girl still wants to be with him.

Pauli , age: 26 / 12.06.2009

Feedback on article: Suicide thought comes from angels of darkness. Author: Sergey Nikolaev, archpriest
I have read the article and I feel that suicide is not the best option, but pain sometimes is too much to bear when people around who should care add more pain. I have been a victim and still contemplating suicide. I have worked for the humanity free of charge and my superior usually disaproves me punishing all the time; it is better to die rather than stay always angry; help before I do it

joseph marango wamalwa , age: 35 / 29.03.2009

Feedback on article: To love, we need to be adults. Author: Psychologist Irene Karpenko
Thank you for the article and true words. I have recently lost love and can identify with the man who you talk about in the last paragraph. I lost love not because I did not want it, just that I could not grow to face the consequences of an inter-cultural, international wedding and could not stand up to older people in my community to really draw the line. I've been in deep pain and guilt. I have seen my own hollowness and am now only learning to understand what giving and loving means. I hope this pain makes me grow into an adult.

Many Thanks.

VK , age: 27 / 06.01.2009

Feedback on article: Suicide мethods. Suicide without rose-colored spectacles . Author: Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist, Peter Rozymni, expert in forensic medicine
Simply awesome. All my fantasies of committing suicide have vanished. I'm indebted to you. I don't want my body to be turned into a mess when I'm gone!

Riya , age: 24 / 14.09.2008

Feedback on article: It was spring. Author: Marisha, 24 years old
hmmm... i understand the part about true love staying in your heart. I would really like to know how to channel this into something good.

rainbowteddybear , age: 47 / 28.08.2008

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