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Feedback on article: It was spring. : Marisha, 24 years old
I have very recently went through a very similiar situation. I am starting to feel better, but I still miss her so much.
Time will heal the hurt though, and your story helps and gives hope. It is so true that you learn about yourself through
difficult times (like the sports analogy that you learn much more through a loss than a win). Thank you, you have helped me
in my time of need. And good luck in your life!

Jim , age: 25 / 27.03.2012

Feedback on article: It was spring. : Marisha, 24 years old
You have developed great insight at a very young age, and would not have done so without the pain you endured. May you grow
in wisdom and peace.

Roxy , age: 42 / 28.11.2011

Feedback on article: It was spring. Author: Marisha, 24 years old
hmmm... i understand the part about true love staying in your heart. I would really like to know how to channel this into something good.

rainbowteddybear , age: 47 / 28.08.2008

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