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Feedback on article: The gift of unrequited love. : Brother, 39 years old
Thanks for sharing article and creating this site. Nice to be able to find on the internet for those going through a
breakup. My boyfriend of the past 14 months has left me, and I've been lost for many weeks now wishing his return which may
not likely happen as he's moved on. The loss is like losing someone to death, and I've been inconsolable. He moved on much
easier than I have. I would like to say I'd like to also, but my heart loves more deeply than his, or it wouldn't matter to
me that it's over. Forgiveness and healing to follow, all of it will be uphill.

Jade , age: 53 / 25.02.2012

Feedback on article: Gift of unrequited love. Author: Brother, 39 years old
I just experienced a break up and I am devastated. I pastor a small church and was living in sin and got out of control because I allowed this relationship to come before everything including God. Yes I still want the relationship but I want it in proper perspective with God first. My fiance on the other hand isn't so sure she wants to or will ever want to reconcile. I'm hurting and afraid and can't seem to grasp even the advice that I would give someone else. I have allowed Nicole to become my life. How do I fix this. I work well over 16 hours a day outside the church. Then I have the church. But my mind is still on her.

Linwood Beal , age: 35 / 04.01.2010

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