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Feedback on article: If you wait, your former partner definitely won’t come back. Автор: Evmeniy (Peristyi), Abbot
I could live with letting her go. But we have three children, and she's taking them too. I get them with me only half the
time. I miss them so painfully when they're away. Losing a spouse, losing my children half the time, losing my father to
cancer in the middle of it, and losing two jobs in the course of it, is too painful to bear. It is hell. And I can't get
out. So I am angry at her. I don't blame God. It is not his doing. I don't blame the kids. They are sad and
inconvenienced too. She is adulterous, corrupt, wicked, unfaithful, unloving, and as a result, all around her suffer. And
I can't stop it, despite my best and heroic efforts to save the marriage, love her, and keep a family together. I love her.
And, I hate what she has done and is doing. All I can do is stand up for myself and the kids. And move on, and get used to
the idea of coping being without them. (And, I do blame our legal system for allowing it. You want to go? Go. But don't
take the kids out of their home and away from the partner who is faithful and the parent who is responsible.)

Ed , age: 45 / 21.03.2012

Feedback on article: While we wait he definitely won’t be back. Аuthor: Hegumenos Evmeni (Peristi)
I've read the article about love waiting-won't be back... I just wanted to explain my case! I was in love with one sweet girl, i loved her and i still do and she loved me too, but since her parents knew about us and they were against our relationship without no reason but as some parents are cold in mind they broke up us so since then she stopped everything, she doesn't want to hear about me at all, she only called me that day, and she said my parents found something better for me, to tell the truth i was out of control because i didn't expacted from her this, even though i know she was pushed by her family:-(, then i just said to her give me your parents in phone and i said to her mom ~i love her, and nobody can break up me from her, if it's in need i'll kill for her~ then she stopped the phone, after this everything is over, my girl doesn't want to hear about me, she hates me...:-(, phones, emails and all are closed, she left me. In really i'm not waiting or hoping my love to be back, but i started to win another love but i couldn't feel anything with those girls i went out, i feel myself bad, no love... what's your opinion??? i let her free, to go in her way as you have written, but i don't feel well... i'm not hopping that love will be back, even though everything could be! can you advice me what to do???

Albert , age: 25 / 21.04.2010

Feedback on article: While we wait he definitely won’t be back. Author: Hegumenos Evmeni (Peristi)
actually my husband & i we're are in stage of breaking up it is me that keep's
holding on and still hoping he will love me back again..we've been through a lot of
big fights, shouting and totally no more respect to each other..but You know after
I read your article it really enlightened me, I must accept and face the reality
that he won't come back to me anymore... I must let him go.. that's the best way
for the both of us... besides I have my baby with me, family, friends and the Lord
that who will truly love me back...
thanks a lot!

I hope I can receive more articles from you..

Lara , age: 27 / 06.10.2009

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