What is love? About true love

We often confuse infatuation or affection for true love. Let us discover what is true love?

what is love As long as being in the love relationship with someone brings us happiness we dont analyze their nature. But when conflicts arise and there is a threat of separation, it seems the right time to think whether our so-called love relationships are actually of true love. So what is love? Moreover, what is true love? Is there real love connection involved with what we call falling in love? Maybe real love is more than only a feeling? Missing someone, being absolutely obsessed, having a sexual desire, wanting the best for each other: these all can be found in love relationships, but are they parts of true love? And what about the dreams of this somewhat crazy love: feel love and being truly, madly, deeply loved, love that lasts forever, - does it exist in reality? Lets try to unravel the meaning of love and what the true love is.

Love is always about giving without regard to your own losses
Holly D'Andrea, attorney
Holly D'Andrea, attorney Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. There should never be a give and take, it is about the give and give and giving without regard to your own losses. There should be no pressure. No pressure for a title in the love relationship
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Love does not cause suffering
Yuliya Anisko, student
Yuliya Anisko, student If someone wants to benefit by relationship, you cannot call it "love" this is a situation when only one person is in love and the other one just allows a partner to love him/her. The latter probably just pursues certain interests, but this kind of relations cannot last long and a painful break-up will soon follow.
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Love is empathy
Igor Gagarin, archpriest
Igor Gagarin, archpriest Love between men and women is not a special sort of love that differs from other types of love a mothers love for her child or love between friends. It is the same love but just of a somewhat different hue. Therefore, you can recognize it just like any other love.
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Love is when you love a person with all his or her imperfections
Olga Motovilova-Komova, painter
Olga Motovilova-Komova, painter Love is not when you love a person because he is so handsome, so good, because he is a non- smoker, non-drinker and rich; love is when you love a person with all good and bad in him. The word "love" has a very deep and complex meaning. It includes a great variety of feelings, among which are patience, generosity and devotion. It is also absolutely necessary to respect each other; otherwise love will not last for long...
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There is no person without talent of love
Irene Rakhimova, psychologist
Irene Rakhimova, psychologist One of the definitions of love is labor. If we tell young people at the beginning of their lives that, they may not want to create families. Why should I work if now everyone lives for their own personal pleasure? But in addition, love is grace. God is love.
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