What is love? About true love

Love does not cause suffering

Love is when you devote your live to your beloved, value each minute spent together, when you are filled with joy even if he/she does something not the way you like.

Love covers up all the imperfections. It is not just a feeling because feelings come and go and love lasts forever, but only when both partners are in love. Love is a very important job and a constant cultivating of relationships, something that one must learn. Love is not about a lazy, let-it-be attitude causing feelings to fade away and "fall asleep" in vanity in a daily routine. Love is when two hearts beat in time with each other.

If two people love each other, they learn and rediscover one another in their own special way. Indeed, it is love that makes this world a better place. If there is love then even in thirty years of marriage it gives people something to think about. If there is love, other things work out just as well because being with your loved one makes you feel comfortable under any circumstances.

Love does not cause suffering, it brings happiness; loving people are always grateful for the patience and respect they have for each other. Love is a heroic exploit indeed, because you constantly should be ready to do everything you can and keep on loving no matter what.

Any difficulties we meet throughout our life cannot affect the true love but can only make it stronger, form a great spirit and help to build one road for two people.

"Forever" and "together". These words are frightening and at the same time their power is enormous. As a fire that needs to be protected from the wind, love must be protected against rude words, we have to learn how to be delicate to each other and don’t cross the line. It is easy to smile to acquaintances and give a friendly nod to them when you walk down the street. However, how much more difficult it is to bear your partner’s shortcomings at home, smile sincerely and say without irritation, "I love you anyway!"

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Yuliya Anisko, student

Yuliya Anisko, student

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