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Recovery from love addiction, relationship addiction

love addiction relationship addiction Love addicts: Is it love or love addiction?
Relationship or love addiction is an unhealthy obsession of a person or of relationships with that person. Relationship addiction is a harmful compulsive behavior similar to addiction to drugs, virtual fortunetelling, gaming, etc. It is not true love. Love addiction involves behaviors and mental sets which push the true love away.
However, many people often mistake obsession for actual love, suggesting that they are love addicted. They believe that emotional pain, fear of being left alone and strong dependency on partner are the attributes of true love, whereas in reality these are love addiction symptoms.
Although a certain degree of love addiction is always present in any intimate relationship, some psychologists have discovered that love addiction is, sadly, more widespread than the true love.
The entire situation wouldve been hopeless, if there was no way to overcome love addiction. Fortunately, there are ways of love addiction recovery and to find real love. The recovery from love addiction would require your patience and will power, but remember, it is the right way to maintaining a positive and healthy relationship.

About Love Addiction. The 4 Practical Steps to Overcome Love Addiction
Michael Hasminsky, crisis psychology
Michael Hasminsky, crisis psychology Love addiction is one of the destabilizing and unhealthy forms of a person-person relationship that leads us to desperation and obsession, and it is the focus of this text to review this kind of relationship addiction, demonstrate some ways to extinguish this behavior and the steps to help recover it...
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Addiction is a substitution of love
Psychologist Natalia Domkina
Psychologist Natalia Domkina Addiction in a relationship is a permanent concentration of thoughts on a "beloved" person and addiction with them. The addiction relationship to a considerable extent determines the emotional and the physical condition, their capacity for work and relationships with other people. So as a matter of fact, the whole life of an addicted person is determined by these relationships. And the influence from that relationship is not always the best. It makes a person more unhappy than happy.
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Dependence on love
Psychologist Natalia Domkina
Psychologist Natalia Domkina As it has already been described, the reasons for a various sort of dependences (love, alcoholic, narcotic, game, food, etc.) are in the childhood. We cannot change the childhood, but we are aware of our problems and we are able to work on them and use our relationship with loved ones...
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