Getting over a break up

To get over a break up, you need to get rid of illusions

breaking up When surviving a break-up, at first, you must get rid of your illusions.
You might be in a situation of a potential break-up now or maybe the breaking up has already happened. Many of us, after having to face a relationship break-up, often feel the loss of meaning of life. So these are the primary goals which we should set for the nearest future: cope with fact that there are cases which we can’t now change (e.g. divorce or separation), and learn how to move on. Take a sober look at the situation. The idea "I can't live without this person" is false. There are no such trials given to us that we cannot overcome with our inner strength, definitely including break-ups. Probably, it is the time for you to stop questioning how to get your ex back and reverse break-up. Try asking questions more like "how to deal with a break-up?" and "how to get over a break-up?”.  It is tough, but you need to move on and possibly become even more capable to love. 
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The latest Requests for assistance:
I am 32 years old... I met my ex when I was 22, he was twice my age. I got pregnant the following year and by the time I was graduating I was 7 months pregnant and a step-mom to his 4 children from previous relationships
My name is Wayne I'm divorced 10 yrs and have a son who I raised from 2 till 9 yrs old.The whole time my only focus was on him.I never ventured into a relationship.One day out of the blue an ex girlfriend called.She was going through tough times with her husband.I was happy to hear from her,she was my first love and I was hers
My wife and I have been married for 8 years. I am in the Navy and I've had to deploy many times over the course of our marriage. I'm currently in month 10 and my wife has asked for a separation. She says that she has grown apart from me and that she now thinks she got married too early and to the wrong person.
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