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Experience of surviving a breakup

after a breakup Sharing experiences of break-up survival might help others.
Mistakes leading to relationship separation are usually the same and are being repeated over and over again. However, after a break-up, depending on whether it was a love relationship break-up, marital separation, divorce or separation of any other kind, there are various behavioral patterns involved.
If you are searching for a guide on how to survive break-up, then in this section you would find stories of people who managed to survive it because of the way they acted in response to the situation. These are true personal stories of different relationship separations, including romance break-up, separation in marriage and family separation. We are thankful to the authors, as sharing these encourages others to overcome the pain and get over a broken heart. After a break-up it is never an easy time but you must stay strong as your true love might be still ahead in the future. If you would like to share your own story which may help others in a similar situation, please write to

It was spring
Marisha, 24 years old
Marisha, 24 years old It was in spring... After 2 months of unclouded relations, confessions, walks by moonlight, somehow everything went wrong. Now I understand that the reasons to break up were mounting, one after another but, strangely, we didn’t notice... or at least pretended not to notice...
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I found my destiny only in 10 years
Natalya P., 32 years old
Natalya P., 32 years old I always wanted to have a family; a real family of friendly, loving people, sharing common interests and plans, a family which always stays together and which is united by its own unique and exclusive character. But I know families where people seem to live together as if by force… First of all, if you are in a relationship with someone who clearly abuses you, treats you without love and respect, do not expect that the situation will improve, that a miracle will happen and this person will change entirely! You need to break up immediately, before it has become fatal or tragic, or the connection has grown too close.
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Love with fists
Katya, 22 years old
Katya, 22 years old Suddenly the fist came to my face… what is that, a split lip? I deserved it, but did not expect it. Anything else seemed possible, but not this! The same thing repeated itself in the morning. I woke up, and he laughed at my face. I said, “Maybe you’ll hit again,” and he came up to me and hit, again with his fist, again, my face, but under the eye… I did not even cry, did not ask him to leave me, did not scream, I just kept silence and was sitting in my room. He left. I decided i have to break up with him...
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Unfaithfulness is a disease
Stanislav, 44 years old
Stanislav, 44 years old For two months I cheated on my wife, it was a real illness, dimness of my mind; I struggled to cope with having a family and a mistress who wanted to take me away from the family...
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Do not allow your soul to be lazy… The story of divorce and new marriage
Elena, 43 years old
Elena, 43 years old I can admit that he was a wonderful husband – he cooked with pleasure, washed, cleaned, did the shopping never cheated on me and cared about me like I was a small child but as my husband, he did not stop to being the “life of the party,” social butterfly though I wanted him to be only mine – I wanted to have a comfortable home and kids. In the evenings I waited for him to return after another “event”, and I cried by the idea that I deserve much better.
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I let my husband go
Olga, 31 years old
Olga, 31 years old My husband drank before our marriage, during our marriage and after our divorce, but my goal is not to blame destiny or to reproach us both for the fact that one or the other was wrong and that we were not able to save things. I really want people who break up to understand that anything in life is possible and that if we had less pride we could have what we really want in life. It is very difficult to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. But this is necessary if there is even the smallest chance of saving the family!
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The gift of unrequited love
Brother, 39 years old
Brother, 39 years old I tried to understand her and to forgive her. On the day when the break up happened, I received a text message from my close friend. I keep this message in my cell phone: “Human feelings can deceive; only God truly loves us and leads us to salvation! We will never be lonely, unhappy and unloved with Him! And we can remain close to those with whom we cannot be near now, as we pray for their salvation – this is the best thing we can do for those we love!”…
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My wife and I have been married for 8 years. I am in the Navy and I've had to deploy many times over the course of our marriage. I'm currently in month 10 and my wife has asked for a separation. She says that she has grown apart from me and that she now thinks she got married too early and to the wrong person.
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