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He left me, I moved out on my own trying to forge ahead, and I find myself so lonely and feel crippled. I don't want a
new romantic relationship, I just want to not feel so alone. I cry, and go to work, come home and cry. He does not speak
to me, he treats me as if I never existed and it hurts. It has been 3 months and though I do not cry as often I still cry
and feel alone, and mourn the loss of him.

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Les , age: 33 / 20.05.2012

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I am sorry you are suffering this! I read your story and I feel like I am reading mine. My husband broke up with me 2 months
ago, after 10 years together. I am more or less your age and the same... I feel like my world is falling apart. I am seeing a
psychologist. This is too hard. I am told it is necessary to go through this pain to recover. All I want sometimes is to go
back to how things were before. All I want in my heart is to recover him, but the reality is that he is determined to
continue his life without me. I wish you the best.... it is crazy but we are not the only ones suffering this. It seems like
you are all alone with this, but you are not.

Carolina , age: 30 / 27.05.2012

I feel the same. it happened to me around the same time as you Les, I can't even pray, all i want is to be loved again.

Angel , age: 31 / 29.05.2012

So sorry for you. I too suffer from heartbreak. I feel like a loser saying it, but the only girl I ever truly loved and wanted to marry in my entire life dumped me in march of 2000. I think about her every day and cry over her a lot. I've become a drunk just so I can pass out and sleep once in a while. It's been 12 years and I'm still not over it ! She's married now and has a beautiful daughter. She used to tell me, "We're gonna have the most beautiful baby someday!" Now I'm just a fat, 44 year old, lonely alcoholic. I live with a sweet beautiful girl but even she knows I'm emotionally detached and gets mad at me a lot. I hope you are a little more stable than me. We've basically become just room-mates because of our financial situation.and get over it much sooner. I wish you luck and will pray for you. Just know that you are not the only one suffering. Many of us are out there. Maybe we can give each other some hope somehow. They say things always get better eventually.

Kevo , age: 44 / 04.06.2012

I can relate to this. A month ago my husband and I separated. He doesn't talk to me and says he doesn't love me anymore. Four years and its so easy for him...I feel alone and helpless sometimes....I cry myself to sleep and my heart is in constant pain it seems like. How did it ease for you?

Mandy , age: 23 / 24.06.2012

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