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Hi, we have been in a true love relationship from more than 3 years. Our love was very pure and we trusted each other very much. In fact, marrying him was the only dream i had in my life. My family accepted our relation. Am Christian and he is Hindu. We never brought religion between us but it was his family who are against our relationship. Though my guy tried to convince his family in all possible ways but his family is not at all interested to accept but has strictly left him with option of either choosing his family or me. He loves me more than his life and at the same time he loves his family very much. He is suffering like hell and unable to decide whom to choose. Finally today, with broken heart he told me that he is breaking our relationship. I am totally shattered and he too. we really are not in a position to find a solution. I cant live without him. He is not ready to leave his family and live separately with me. But he is finally leaving me. I don't know what to do. I am getting all negative thoughts and seriously am unable to tolerate this pain. 

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sweety , age: 23 / 25.05.2012

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