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I have consistently fallen for men who weren't ready to be with me. They lied to keep me, and I did everything I could to
stay with them. Then they tried to leave. I would apologize for what I did wrong and absolve them for what they did wrong.
I then became super paranoid, snooping, and would pop over at their house, if I didnt hear from them after a week, to
make sure they were still into, or wanted me, or to make sure they weren't seeing anyone else.
This behavior has gotten to the point where, I want to stop doing it. I really liked this guy and he said he wasn't ready
for a relationship and it ended for several reasons. I hadn't talked to him for 3 weeks. So I went to his house, looked in
the window - he had female company, he told me he wasn't seeing anyone but me. I went home, and I waited until the morning
for work, to confront him on Christmas morning and he started telling me how he liked me, but wasn't ready for a
relationship and he told me that, and that he was pulling away from and he felt forced to do something he didn't want to
do. This situation has replayed itself several times. If it is a guy, I believe is the one, I get so afraid of being hurt,
I ended up being pushy if I don't get consistent attention.

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DANNY , age: 40 / 30.12.2012

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