How to keep love alive?

How to save love and how to keep love alive if it cools down?

keep love together
How to save love and keep love alive if it cools down?
Love comes to us as a ray of sunshine. But the one who thinks that love comes and goes all by itself like weather will never be happy in a relationship. It’s very likely that they would want their partner to keep in love with them someday.
Those, who are happy, understand that it is in our power to save love and keep love alive. We and our loved ones must work hard to keep love together. We need to learn the art of love, how to work on ourselves and our relationships to keep loving and be loved. Read the following articles to find what's important to learn about keeping love.

Nothing should be higher than love
Writer Maxim Yakovlev
Writer Maxim Yakovlev My wife and I have an agreement. "Of course we will have quarrels and misunderstandings, no doubt about it. But let’s agree that there will be nothing that stands in the way of our love, and that we will keep what is the most important. This way our quarrels will not destroy our love."
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Bear each other’s weak points
Painter Olga Motovilova-Komova
Painter Olga Motovilova-Komova When two people get married, they both want to be leaders. While single, we get used to live on our own, to have people around that respect and love us; we also like to consider ourselves as someone special. However, if married, spouses should make concessions to each other. But before they learn to do so, they’ll get a lot of bumps. One may start thinking: "Ah, so that’s the way! Well, that’s it then! I go back to my mother’s place!"
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We could not activate love by our own efforts
Igor Gagarin, Archpriest
Igor Gagarin, Archpriest There is some contradiction in life. When two people get married, they have strong feelings for each other. It’s hard to tell whether it’s love or not, but they consider it as love. However, in some time, their feelings are gone...
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Talk to each other!
Svetlana Shvetsova, psychologist
Svetlana Shvetsova, psychologist Building a family, one should understand that a firework of emotions will not last forever. Nevertheless, we can and should care about our feelings towards those we love – a reward will follow with time. The experts confirm: in ten-fifteen years of marriage, true love is born - quite, peaceful and lofty type of relationship. For some couples it takes longer and it depends on many circumstances.
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Your spouse is the delight you pay no heed to
Irina Rakhimova, psychologist
Irina Rakhimova, psychologist The ability to keep love is formed in the childhood. So, the ability to show feelings is what will support love in the family. If we do not get something in the relationship with the close person or we do not give something, we feel anxious and it makes us run and seek for the happiness on the side, where we face another danger. In truth, what will bring you satisfaction is very close to you...
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The Third person is needed in a family
Vladimir Gurbolikov, journalist
Vladimir Gurbolikov, journalist To keep love during all your life is not that easy because love has a lot of characteristics; that is why it is difficult to talk about it. It seems to me that often when people are seeking love, they think that love should be without problems. Instead of inclining themselves that life should be spent with one person and therefore both should try to find the formula of joint living...
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I give in my habits
Andrew Klyashtorni, businessman
Andrew Klyashtorni, businessman Lord gives a gift of true love both to religious and non-religious people. The further we go, the more love is created on the basis of love to God, love to each other, love for a family and to close people. But none of our non-religious friends passed the test of living together. All families of our friends, with the only exception of the Orthodox either, either collapsed or are close to it...
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