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Suicide and depression. How to overcome suicidal thoughts?

suicide and depression Suicide and depression: How to overcome suicidal thoughts?
It is great that you are reading this now. Instead of looking for how to commit suicide, reach for help for prevention of committing suicide, help is always out there. Searching for ways to commit suicide is never a solution to any problem already because there are no reliable and painless suicide methods available. And who wants to become disabled after an attempted suicide?
This is why the problem of suicide and depression should be considered a test. Indeed, an extremely harsh test for your inner strength. And remember, although there might be several attempts of suicide, you can kill yourself only once. Simply, there will be no other chances to live and to die.
Therefore, if you feel seriously depressed now, you should study experiences of those who also wanted to kill themselves and study what they have to say about suicide. The best suicide solution is suicide prevention, which is a firm decision not to commit one and stay alive. If you decide to stay alive, then we can actually help you to overcome constant suicidal thoughts like "I want to kill myself", "I want to die", and learn the joy of life.

Suicide methods: or How to come off
Peter Rozumni, expert in forensic medicine
Peter Rozumni, expert in forensic medicine Internal sources and ability of a human organism is almost unlimited, which is obviously shown under the stressful conditions, and attempts of suicide are among it. It is very difficult to kill a person (and even oneself) and to survive after it without making harm to the organism...
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Suicide мethods. Suicide without rose-colored spectacles
Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist, Peter Rozymni, expert in forensic medicine
Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist, Peter Rozymni, expert in forensic medicine This article is prepared only for people who want to commit suicide. People with high sensitiveness, non-adults, pregnant and diseases people are strongly recommended not to read this article.
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How to die unprettily, or last hi to dears
Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist
Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist Let us think together on the fact how many people will be connected to this action, to your attempted suicide how many sorrows, disasters, disappointments and tears will your death bring to those, who wanted only good for you but please do not tell that there are no such people.
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Low self esteem leads to pathological dependence on other people
Psychologist Irene Rakhimova
Psychologist Irene Rakhimova What is the inner-sense of the wish to commit suicide. Deep level of egocentrism is. A man thinks just about himself. Nobody needs me’. ‘Nobody loves me’. ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘for me’ only. Pity of ourselves is our worst enemy. It’s a very dangerous and artful feeling, that we can even not notice in our best moments. Due to this feeling people regard bad as good, low as high, cowardice looks like beauty. As every spiritual pathology, pity of ourselves comes as some repetitive thought.
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Don’t dream to have life full of happiness only
Andrey Lorgus, priest
Andrey Lorgus, priest If you don’t want to keep on living, it’s not necessarily because of love. Rather, the fact that your loved one left you was just an excuse for your unwillingness to live. Obviously, it was not the only situation in your life that you couldn’t accept.
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Who is self-murderer?
Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist
Michael Khasminski, crisis psychologist Don’t you have any other sorrows? If so, why does not everyone think about committing suicide? Haven’t your forefathers had fewer sorrows? Why haven’t they done it and gave birth to you? Or your egoism is so strong, that you do not want to think about others?
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Suicide thought comes from angels of darkness
Serge Nickolaev, archpriest
Serge Nickolaev, archpriest Any of our action starts by thoughts. We should understand that thoughts could also come from devils. Any person realizes that intension of self-murder suicide is out of personality’s nature. If person does not realize it, it means that he or she is out of reality already.
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I just died. The story of suicide
Natasha M., 28 years old
Natasha M., 28 years old When a person has attempted a suicide, he stepped over a certain border-line and he needs to be taught how to live again. To say that I felt badly, it is to say nothing. I died that day. I was out of my mind. I was ready to kneel to him and creep, but not to lose him. I felt like I lost his hand… I still do not know how I managed to live through this painful experience. I think this is mainly due to God’s help, the prayer of my spiritual father and thanks to my friends.
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Planned suicide
Evelyn, 20 y.o.
Evelyn, 20 y.o. Still it’s not easy to say that. It’s not easy to confess that there are three attempted suicides in my anamnesis. The amount could be less or more. However I definitely know: there’ll be no more attempts in my life. I’m glad to know it. I’ve never thought that suicide is bad.
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Is man piece of shit?
Helen I was angry nearly for a week and was inventing new way to commit suicide, more reliable. I felt that I was a piece of shit that even could not die. However, I was a proud piece of shit: I must correct the mistake myself! Once at night, when I was laying and inventing a new way to commit suicide, the door opened and a neighbor-girl entered the room. She bent forward to me in the darkness and said: ‘Jesus loves you!’…
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Right for suicide
Dmitri Semenik
Dmitri Semenik We did not give birth to us, did not feed and did not behave. We are only branches of the tree of our generation. Our forefathers starved, died being young in a war, worked hard, wore the harness of the plough instead of bullocks in order their children, grandchildren and us. We are responsible for people who lived before us… The murder of soul is similar to the murder of mother. Our forefathers, who knew much more about good and bad, buried the murders of mothers at the cemetery, but self-murders – not. The attempt of suicide was also punishable.
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