«I want to commit suicide»

Suicide thought comes from angels of darkness

There are various situations in life, including the difficult ones. But Lord does not give cross to person more than person could carry.

One of the life tragedies is when the person whom you are in love with leaves you. At this moment lots of people seem that person who left us contained everything, all the world, that you ‘will never have the same love’ and joy in your life. This is not true. There are lots of opposite examples. People after such turns of destiny are happy and even happier than before. Why do you think that you are such a special person and nothing will happen to you, nothing will be?

Courage is in ability to overcome. If person overcome it, he or she obtain peace and prosperity. Having such experience, person becomes strong and happy! Experience enriches person.

My classmate allowed her son to live with his girlfriend without any stamp and registration, under the civil marriage. But this is fornication. When the girlfriend left that man, he wanted to self-murder. The relations started from one sin грех and resulted in another – to despondency. Both, first and second activity is from devil.

By the way, prodigal cohabitation or as it is said today, test or civil, i.e. unregistered marriage is very dangerous. When it collapses, despondency and suicide thoughts are often guests especially of young people. This is the cost for sin of betrayal of youth purity, which has been desecrated to prodigal demon.

Any our action starts by thoughts. We should understand that thoughts could also come from devils. Any person realizes that intension of self-murder is out of personality’s nature. If person does not realize it, it means that he or she is out of reality already.

You always have a chance to poison yourself. But after you did it, you won’t have a chance to return back to life.

For me the most forcible argument against such action is that later it would be worse. This is the scariest sin, which never could be forgiven. Even non-religious person should ask oneself: ‘What if anything is THERE? What if everything, religion is talking about, is correct? What if there is no forgiveness to such action and self-murderer will feel badly?’  Because it only seems to us that our sufferings are that huge, that ‘it could not be worse’. But it could, it could be worse.

Yes, now you feel terribly. When person is sick, he or she feels badly. Parting with people whom you love is a strong pain of soul. But you are not the only one. Such things happened and will happen with others as well. Unfortunately, it happens more often. But I could tell you (priests have big experience of human relations and destinies) that if you overcome it, overcome your pain, later you will understand that everything happened with you is only for the good. You will even thank God for it.

You feel badly not because you loose ability to contact to the person who is close to you. You feel pain because your unavoidable qualities (from your point of view) have been rejected. This is pride. It is your pain. You should fight with pride and press it.

Be patient! Do not put all the pain at once on you. Be patient for an hour, then for another hour…

When my grandfather died, my grandmother was crying and saying: ‘What will we do?’ My uncle responded: ‘What will we do? To continue living. To live!’ Life is work.

You seem that life does not have the idea and sense any more. But did you have the idea and sense of life before? The real idea of life is in God.

How to return the sense of life to non-religious person? The only thing you could do – to wish him or her to become religious. How to become a religious person? Try to pray: ‘Lord, if you exist, please show me Yourself!’ And, as old people say, Lord will appear for sure. ‘If you exist, make me stronger and help me! Because You see that situation is hopeless’. And He will help you. Because under any circumstances, which seems hopeless for a human being, there is the solution.

Once one woman, who lived in civil marriage with one man, went to confession to me. In addition, that man was married. I told her: ‘Until you leave him, you can not go to confession’. She responded that he is everything for her. ‘I’m 45 years old; I have nothing in my life, only he’. I said to her: ‘Do you understand that this situation is scary? You risk by your rescue. If something happens, you would go to hell and nobody could pray for you’. – ‘What should I do? I can not imagine my life without him’. – ‘You should pray and ask: ‘God, what should I do? I’m not able to solve this problem by myself. But You can do everything. Pleas help!’ In 2-3 months she came to me and told: ‘You know, this is amazing! We had been together for so many years and suddenly in a moment – like it was nothing before’. She had no regrets and no stress. Vice versa she bloomed and grew prettier, became cheerful.

This is not the only example in my experience. If person asks God to help, person receives help for sure.

Person will become religious via the experience. Orthodox religion is RRACTICAL Christianity. Why should we discuss in theory on religion and неверии, if each person could ensure in reality that God exists? Only true desire is needed for it.

Often after the attempt of suicide person stays alive and starts to have nightmares as absolutely obvious influence of demons of darkness. After it, it is very difficult to stay non-religious. 

First of all, after it, you need to go to the church for confession, because confession is the best method of struggle against devil.

Everything starts from the thoughts. People consider thoughts as their own. But it is not exactly correct. Often devil suggests it to us. It is better not to wait these sin thoughts (licentiousness, despondency, despair) to become true and better to confess it during confession. These thoughts will disappear after it. If you need, you could confess as much and you need in order these thought to disappear totally.

You will get help immediately. Why people, in particular with thin soul structure cry while forgiveness of sins? This is because ‘load off mind’. This is a reality.

I wish to each person to confess more often and to ensure of REAL help of this amazing sacrament.

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Serge Nickolaev, archpriest

Serge Nickolaev, archpriest

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