Why does love die?

Why does love die if love never dies?

love dies

Why does love die if love never dies?
People say that true love never dies. And so we live hoping for the happy endless love. How then does it happen that seemingly love dies, slips through the fingers? "Was there death of love or had he/she just left me, with love not gone? - both answers are hard to understand.
When we are in the hurting situation of lost love we ask ourselves: "Where has the love gone?" Not WHY, but WHERE. After being absolutely crazy in love, we just cannot believe into the complete end of love, the death of all feelings and memories.Then what really happens to it, if love never dies?

A word about adultery
Rod Dreher
I've been thinking a lot over the past day about why I have such intensely strong emotional reactions to news about adultery, comparable to my fierce reactions to news about child abuse. If my wife ever committed adultery, under most circumstances (i.e., true contrition and repentance), I wont stop loving her and I would hasten to forgive her, because I would see it as my duty, in love, to do whatever I could to make our marriage whole again, for the sake of the children.
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The feeling that is not everlasting cannot be called love
Priest Ilia Shugaev
Priest Ilia Shugaev You didnt stop loving, love didnt end, it just never came. Its just that the flood of new emotions has stopped, the feelings have cooled down, and falling in love (but not love) is developing into something else, something much deeper.
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Work hard if you want to keep love
Psychologist Irina Rakhimova
Psychologist Irina Rakhimova Infatuation is a superficial feeling which cannot stay for a long time. Love is checked by time. 10-15 years is considered to be a border line when we understand that the person will not leave or betray us and that we can put our trust in him/her. A blending of two people occurs on all levels on physical, emotional and spiritual.
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Was the girl that left your Juliette?
Archpriest Igor Gagarin
Archpriest Igor Gagarin Thus, having met a person you can have a feeling of infatuation but you can make very little of him (her), as you can see only a part of the personality, moreover you can see the part this person chooses to show you and your imagination is making up the rest, the part you cant see. It is clear that your vision may not agree with the real object...
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Once in true love we cannot stop loving
Priest Andrew Lorgus
Priest Andrew Lorgus If the dearest one leaves you, it doesnt mean they stop loving. Here we have a change of heart, but not a change in the heart. It is quite possible that true love still exists there in the heart and what is more, Im absolutely sure its impossible to stop loving, a human heart isnt able to stop it...
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Everything that God allows to happen to us has some meaning
Evmeniy (Peristyi), Abbot
Evmeniy (Peristyi), Abbot In some sense, infatuation is the Koschey disease. Koschey Immortal, the character of Russian folk tales, is a creature whose life strength lies not within himself but elsewhere. This is a reason why his life is always in danger. This is what typical for infatuation state, that is, sense of our life lies in other person.
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