Why does love die?

Was the girl that left your Juliette?

The love has gone but was it love? That is to say, was the feeling we took for love your true love? Do you remember the first time Shakespeares Romeo appeared in the play? The poor fellow was grieving over unrequited love to a girl. Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still, Should without eyes find pathways to his will!. But the girl he had been in love with that time wasnt Juliette at all. Meeting Juliette was yet a prospect.

If one has never met his true love he is inclined to take any sympathy or attraction for it. We are so eager to love and to be loved, sometimes we want this so much that we are ready to convince ourselves the true love has come. Here wed better not be in a hurry but take time to search heart. Alas, youth is almost always doesnt feel like waiting.

Often I had to listen to complaints of young spouses about how hard it was for them to live together: I dont love him (her) at all. But you loved him (her) before, didnt you? No, never! But you felt differently before your wedding, I remember! It seemed to me I did but now I realize I didnt. Youd better realize that before you give your marriage vow.

And one more thing: when two young people get acquainted, each of them aims to make the best impression on the other, to show the best side of his/her nature. Thus, having met a person you can feel sympathy or liking for him/her but you can make very little of him/her as you can see only a part of the personality. Moreover, you can see the part this person chooses to show you and your imagination is envisioning the rest, the part you cant see. It is clear that your vision may not agree with the real object. Then people make the most important and responsible decision in their life they become husband and wife. And since its impossible to pretend any longer they will be able to see each others real character very soon. Here comes an acid test for their love. You fell in love/married but he/she appeared to be very different The closer we communicate with a person the better we learn his or her personality, and here we make unexpected discoveries one after the other. We discover many different things. Sometimes such things may be revealed that alienate us out and away from the person who seemed to be our dearest.

Naturally, these examples do not cover the whole topic as there is a great number of answers to the question why was I loved and then became unloved?.

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Archpriest Igor Gagarin

Archpriest Igor Gagarin

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