How to pray?

How to pray in order to pass the parting and a divorce

A prayer is a necessary and useful method to overcome the hardships and the intrusive thoughts and to return to an adequate, sober state.

Here we tried to describe the important factors that you need to keep in mind in order for your prayers to be heard.

1.      Remember who God is, whom you are praying to.

For non-religious people God, as a rule, is something abstract, the ‘highest intellect’. But in reality, God's intellect is not the main feature of God. One preacher noticed that Satan could also fit under the term of the ‘highest intellect’. But LOVE is the main feature of God. This is why in order to use the correct address for your prayers you should try to learn more about the earthly life of our Lord – Jesus Christ. The best source for it is the Gospels.

2.      Remember who you are.

You are the creation of God, deeply loved by your Creator. The ever-living soul, more valuable than the entire material world, is given to you. But you, like all of the people, God's creation, are strayed away from God, making mistakes and not able to pray in a proper way without help from Him. You, the creation, are not able to bring any good into the world without the help of our Father. You should realize your sinfulness and your moral wickedness, and ask God to help you to pray. You could not betray God. You can give nothing to God. The only things that He wants from you – repentance and sincere intention to improve.

3.      Pray humbly.

 It is a very difficult time for you, but it is not God’s fault. He made something which is very difficult to imagine – He allowed people to crucify Him on the cross. Therefore, do not grumble and do spare yourself.  Do request God’s help sadly or commandingly, both of these feelings have pride in them. He wants to give you everything that you need, the only thing required from you is humility.  It means readiness to accept any will of God with trust and consciousness that it is good for you.

4.      Pray with faith.

It is useless to pray without faith hoping that what you ask of Him will come true. If your pray with strong faith, every single word will be heard and God will help you. It is easy for God to make all of the words in your prayer come true as for you to say them. If your faith is not strong, ask the Father to give it to you.

5.      If you want God to listen to you, listen to Him as well.

Christ does not like any of our misfortunes. Our disasters are His wounds from the cross. Therefore, if we do not try to be kind and to follow His commandments, our requests will be unwarranted insolence. Especially, we should try to avoid any bad deeds before prayer and at the beginning of it. If we are angry at someone, we should forgive this person. If we grumble at God and on our fortune, we should try to humble ourselves. We should clear everything, which is a burden for our conscience. After that, we immediately feel that our prayer has wings.

6.      You can ask God for everything, that is good.

 When we ask for something that God doesn’t approve of (and as a result is not good for us), you should end your request by the following words: ‘But let it be not as I want, but as You want’. In case you ask only of this, your prayers will bring lack of use to you.

7.      Behave respectfully.

 If you came for a meeting with the president of your country of any other powerful person, most likely, you will behave respectfully. During prayers you make a contact with the One, who is immeasurably more powerful than any earth sovereign. Therefore, if you pray in solitude, you should stay respectfully. If you pray within people, avoid vulgar and loose positions, be respectful inside yourself.

8.      While praying do not try to paint images of God in your head.

This is dangerous. (Looking at the icon of Jesus Christ does not mean painting images, this you can do).

9. What words should you use during a prayer?

 Long prayers and rules are effective when there is no pain, expressed by a certain idea. If you have such painful thought it will interrupt you from the words of the prayer. Therefore, in such a case you should use short prayers, pointed against this thought. Almost each painful thought is a lie, given to us by angels of the dark and only with the help from God you can overcome it.

(Below are the samples of short prayers in accordance with certain goals).

10.  Should the prayer be emotional?

We pray with our hearts. If you pray aloud, avoid attention to voice and intonation, otherwise your prayer will be only heard to you. What is often strange for newcomers, the monotonous reading that is common in Church and is used to send your message and your power to the higher level. Soon, you will clearly feel the difference of the prayer’s power by these two methods – actor and moral, surface and deep. While soundless reading, you should also avoid this mistake.

11.  How long should you pray for?

Until you feel better, minimum. In a situation of separation, the pain can be so hard, that you will have to pray almost continuously, if circumstances allow.

How to assess if I pray correctly?

The results of the correct prayer is a peace in your soul, the calmness for the future, kind relation to everyone and gratitude to God. If your prayer does not give you these results, that means that you are not doing something  right. Read more about God and pray, preferably in orthodox sources.

Short prayers when parting
You should repeat the short prayers until you feel better. The idea of that, as a rule, is the opposite the bad feeling, which you are suffering from, therefore such a prayer requires your efforts.
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How to pray?
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